The Online Help has screenshots of virtually all screens and provides a good way of viewing and understanding what MyCourts can do for you and your Club. Webcasts are also available for both training and information.

The following screen shots will give you a brief idea of MyCourts scope and versatility.

Hover over an image to enlarge or click on image to display larger image.

Each facility has it's own schedule window. Each facility is also included in a group window.

Clicking on a cell in the facility window will commence a booking for the selected facility, date and time.

The new booking window gathers all the information needed to record the new booking requested.

Click on Save Booking and the Point of Sale window opens.

That's it - you have made your booking.

Setting up and administering MyCourts is achieved largely by using the separate program, MyCourts Administrator.

The Online Help has full details and is written in a manner that we hope will explain MyCourts operations as well as setup.

MyCourts Administrator is a standalone application designed to make setting up and administering MyCourts as easy as possible.

Configuring options is usually a matter of enabling or disabling them.

Many options that are not so intuiative have Super ToolTips in addition to detailed help available from the F1 or Help buttons.

You can configure almost everything in MyCourts.

MyCourts gives you three options to allow your members to make bookings via the web. You can setup the online option, the offline option or have both.

Please see our help file for detailed information on the two types of interface however essentially the offline option uses ftp to regularly update your web pages and email/forms to accept and confirm bookings. The more powerful online option turns your computer into MyCourts web server and all your bookings are processed online in real time.

The following screen shots will give you a brief idea of MyCourts Online web interface.

Members are greeted with the login page.

You configure the ability to login via MyCourts Administrator.

Providing your have configured MyCourts to allow new members to signup then the New Member screen will be displayed.

To take registrations online, all users must be registered.

Names of hirers can be optionally displayed.

You can also condfigure what facilities can be hired online.